7-Zip for every PC user

On the disk of almost every PC owner you will find a lot of similar programs and apps, which are useful in daily work or use of the equipment. Such software includes office applications (e.g. free LibreOffice and OpenOffice), photo and graphics processing programs (e.g. Photoshop or GIMP) or Internet browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Vivaldi). Also very popular are programs for decompression and compression of files, among which WinRar seems to be the leader. However, there is also 7-Zip available on the market, the extensive features of which should satisfy even the most demanding users.

The program 7-Zip was initially available only in a 32-bit version, but now users can easily use the 64-bit version as well.

7-Zip – features and possibilities

No surprises that 7-Zip supports all the most popular file compression formats (bzip2, gzip, RAR, tar, WIM, xz, ZIP). However, it is worth adding that the program also offers its own format (7z.), which is characterized by extremely “strong” compression. It has a built-in file manager which can be used as a file explorer. 7-Zip also integrates with the Windows system. Among the biggest advantages is its speed (which decreases significantly at the highest compression ratios). The program has been translated into nearly 90 languages, we can easily change the interface language to Polish. 7-Zip is distributed under the LGPL license.

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