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Many of us are familiar with the following situation – we download a program that we needed with the help of an assistant installer. We download the starter and quickly click through the installation menu to complete the installation process as quickly as possible. When we click “next,” we do not read what we allow during the unpacking process and by doing so, we agree to add an extension to our system or browser that displays additional ads or clutters the bookmarks bar with various advertising content. The ads that are displayed more often and more densely interfere with the use of our computer, additionally slowing down its operation. After some time we have had enough and we try to remove them, but it turns out that it is not that easy. Duplicate files, copies and additional features of those extensions make it necessary to locate each of them manually and delete files scattered all over the system to get rid of them completely. Not all of us can take care of that, and with time it becomes annoying. How to solve this problem? Just by downloading AdwCleaner!

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AdwCleaner – functionality and simplicity

The AdwCleaner is one of the best tools that allow you to quickly and effectively remove potentially unwanted software (PUP). It perfectly handles all kinds of adware components displaying unwanted ads, or changing web browser settings, as well as accidentally installed unnecessary toolbars. This program takes care of everything automatically. Once it is finished, all you need to do is restart your computer and after this operation your system should be free of unwanted adware elements. Have you been neglecting the health of your computer? Clean it from unwanted software with AdwCleaner!

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