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Digital devices surround us all the time, including phones, tablets and computers for school, work and leisure. However, operating several screens at once can be impossible or simply inconvenient. No wonder that programs for remote control of devices enjoy great popularity. One of them is the AirDroid application, which allows you to synchronize our Android phone or tablet with your Windows computer and Mac). How does the free tool work? What functions it offers? Here you will find answers to all these questions and more.

How to use the application? Just install the application (both on your phone and computer) and log in to your account. This will allow us to synchronize devices that work within the same network.

AirDroid – features and possibilities

The main function of the programs is the ability to share files on different platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux or mobile devices – both in the same network and fully remotely). The user has also remote access and control over the device (without the need of the so-called root). Thus we can share and record the screen, and even preview the surroundings of rear and front camera of our device. AirDroid also allows you to manage messages, contacts and calls through your computer. Thanks to this program we will also receive notifications from the most popular applications (such as WhatsApp, Messenger or Tinder). It also allows to create a shared clipboard between devices as well as backup data. Worth mentioning is the fact that thanks to the software we can locate a lost phone or remotely install and uninstall applications. Have you already used this program? Or maybe you prefer alternative solutions? Share your opinions and comments.

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