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The Internet has become the largest database in history with millions of users per day. So it is not surprising that it brings certain risks. This is the price we have to pay for the enormous possibilities. The biggest threats in the network are undoubtedly viruses. We can also find malicious worms, unwanted software and increasingly popular adware. Most of them are very troublesome, so it is better to take care of proper protection before they manage to penetrate our hard drive. There are many solutions available on the Internet that will protect you against unwanted programs and external attacks. One of the most popular is a free program – Avast Free Antivirus.

What does free Avast offer?

It turns out that Avast free program is a good alternative to commercial antivirus programs. Most of all, it offers real-time protection. This allows you to avoid most attacks, especially since the program copes quite well with the most popular forms of attacks. The virus database is updated every few minutes, which means that even the latest malware signatures are detected by a completely free antivirus program. However, before we start actively using the network, we should check the current status of our hard drive. Avast Free Antivirus allows a full scan of all files that are on our computer. If it manages to detect unwanted and harmful ones, we can neutralize them and feel safe. One of the program’s features is also the possibility to protect our home network. This way we can check how vulnerable it is to attacks and introduce necessary changes. Avast has also a commercial version, which allows for even more comprehensive protection. The paid version offers, e.g. hiding an IP address by means of VPN. However, the free Avast proves to be a great free tool to secure our personal computer.


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