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The Internet is truly omnipresent today. Almost all of us use devices that connect to the network on a daily basis. No wonder that the Internet has revolutionized entertainment, human contact and file sharing. Today we will focus on the latter, which is certainly one of the basis of the entire network. One of the most popular forms of exchanging and sharing files are torrent files, which we can use with the help of special software. It is worth to take advantage of BitTorrent, which is completely free.

BitTorrent is a free program, which operates under Freeware license. It is one of the most popular BitTorrent file sharing programs.

BitTorrent – features and possibilities

This small program is a great solution for downloading files shared by other users. Its big advantage is sharing bandwidth between many people who download a file at the same time, so we simultaneously download and share content with other users. The program is very simple and intuitive to use. It is supported by a very clear interface. Is downloading legal? Yes – provided that the content downloaded and shared by us is not covered by copyright. It is worth to remember that and buy programs, music or multimedia only through legal channels. Have you used BitTorrent yet? Feel free to share your opinions and observations in the comments.

Check also uTorrent and Avast.

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