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Today’s world is dominated by smartphones. Almost everyone uses a mobile device. No wonder that the popularity of various mobile apps, which make our everyday life easier, is soaring. Many of them allow us to order a meal or quickly move around the city. In the latter case, the Bolt app, which is available in a growing number of Polish cities, may prove useful. Today it can be used for example in Katowice, Bydgoszcz, Lublin, Częstochowa or Białystok. What does this app offer? What options can the user use? Here you can find answers to these and other questions. 

Bolt App is free of charge – only when you use its functions you will be charged. When creating an account it is worth to connect to it our payment card – then all options will be available, and fees will be charged automatically.


Bolt features and possibilities

The main function of Bolt is of course the possibility of fast transport of people. Using the application we order the nearest driver, who comes to the place specified by our location. In the App, we also specify the destination of our trip and when the trip is complete, the appropriate payment is charged to our account. This works similarly in case of scooters, which are also available through the App in many Polish cities. Bolt indicates the current location of free scooters and their charge level. How to rent a scooter? Just use the application to scan the code, which is located on the device’s handlebars. Have you already used Bolt’s services? Or do you choose other carriers? We look forward to your feedback and comments.


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