Create disc images with Daemon Tools

Daemon Tools is the best and most popular tool for emulating virtual CD and DVD drives. With its help we can install disc images from various media, including protected ones. What makes it stand out from the competition are the used technologies Safedisc, CDCOPS, StarForce, ProtectCD, Laserlock and many others. They are especially useful in cases when e.g. a game, the virtual image of which we created with Daemon, needs a CD inserted in the drive at all times in order to function properly. Increasingly, we also meet with applications distributed in the form of ISO disc images, which need to be installed in the virtual drive. After installation, the program is available from the system tray, from where it can be easily operated. The application allows simultaneous use of several virtual drives for installing different types of discs, e.g. CD, DVD, Blu-ray.

Or maybe you want to burn an image to a disc? Then at least Nero will come in handy.

Enjoy the possibilities of Deamon Tools

Despite its extensive features, as for the free version, the program is intuitive and should not cause problems even for less experienced PC users. Not everyone is aware, but it is thanks to Daemon Tools, among others, that games such as Need For Speed: Most Wanted or GTA: San Andreas have become popular in Poland. Although it is worth noting that this often had little to do with the legal purchase of games.

What other programs are worth having on disk? The lightweight WinRar program, which allows you to compress and extract files, will certainly come in handy.

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