Facebook Dating – how do I delete my account?

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and the related restrictions have translated into interpersonal relations – including the frequency and manner of dating. Not surprisingly, apps like Tinder and Badoo have enjoyed record popularity. Facebook also came out with a special service – Dating. It is available from the mobile application level – you can create your dating profile there (it will not be visible to your friends), send likes, chat with newly met people or create a list of people you like. 

Creating a profile is very simple and intuitive. Its advantages may be synchronization with Facebook and cost-free. Dating profile can be deleted at any time – how to do it?


Deleting a dating profile 

Dating profile on Facebook can be deleted at any time and for this purpose you do not have to delete your account in the whole service. How to close your profile? First of all, we have to go to Dating – in the upper right corner you will find the General Settings option. There we will find, among others, the option Delete Profile. Now all you have to do is to select the indicated function and go through its few very simple steps and confirmations. Remember that along with deleting the profile your conversations, likes or matches will disappear.


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