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Not everyone knows that Google LLC also owns YouTube. Over the years, Google has grown from a simple search engine for content on the web to a portal that provides a complex of services. From its original function, through the social network Google+ (shut down in April 2019); Google Drive, which allows you to store data in the cloud; Google Maps and finally Gmail. What is the latter? 

Gmail is currently one of the most popular options when it comes to having your email inbox. On the domain, any of us can receive and send email completely free of charge. Launched in 2004, the free webmail service has gained over 1.5 billion users in 15 years. What does that mean? Nearly one in five residents has an email address ending with It’s an amazing result, after all, Gmail is owned by Google, one of the world’s largest companies, and certainly the leading company in the Internet.

Why should you choose Gmail?

Its neat design and functionality is definitely worth mentioning. Very transparent mailbox, with many possibilities of personalization. We can divide the space of our mail into different folders such as spam, company news etc. Minimalist design fits perfectly into a modern and multifunctional mailbox for the 21st century. In addition to the obvious correspondence function, Gmail also provides us with a calendar, in which we can point out important dates or reminders and then synchronize them with all devices on which we use google solutions. Choosing Gmail, we also get access to a number of solutions from Google LLC, such as Google Drive, Google Maps or Google Translate. Undoubtedly, to such great popularity of this email domain has mainly contributed the excellent mother ship, which constitutes a very attractive service with many solutions useful for Internet users.

How to create Gmail account?

You just need 5 minutes to create an email account! Access to the Internet required. Fill in a short registration form. After approval we get access to one of the best tools, which functions can be used both on computer and smartphone or tablet. In our opinion, Gmail is a model for other electronic emails and this is the solution we choose.

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