Google dark mode – how to turn it on?

It’s hard to find an active Internet user who doesn’t use the Google search engine. Its users have long advocated the emergence of a dark theme for one of the most visited web addresses on the entire network. Why do Internet users care so much about it? Well, it doesn’t contrast as much as a snow-white background – dark themes also look much better on the display of our smartphones. The trend of dark themes can be observed for several years. Such solutions can be found in many applications and services (for example, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

For now, the dark theme for Google search is not available to everyone. However, the possibility of using a dark background does not affect our location or the language of search – apparently, the feature is more often available in the incognito tab. How to check and enable the dark theme in Google?


How to enable dark theme in Google?

How to check the availability of a dark theme? Just go to Google homepage and in the bottom right corner find the “Settings” function and then “Search Settings.” There we should find the “Appearance” section, which allows us to edit the visual aspect of the browser’s homepage and change the theme. If we do not have this option visible, it is probably not available to us yet (it is also worth checking this function in the incognito tab). It is probably only a matter of time before this option is available to all users. Are you going to use the dark theme? Or maybe you are used to the traditional Google look? Let us know what you think.


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