How to download a movie from Netflix?

Netflix is very popular among most movie and TV series lovers. The streaming giant has become a very serious alternative to classic television. Monthly subscription fee, transparent contract terms and a rich library of presented titles are just a few of its advantages which are recognized by millions of users. There is no shortage of people willing to use it in Poland either. This service is based on the Internet connection – but it turns out that its users can also download available materials (of course within the subscription fee). Such movies and TV series can be watched even far away from the nearest Wi-Fi network.

In order to download such materials on your device you need, of course, a fast and stable Internet connection. It is worth to use at least home Wi-Fi for this purpose (data transfer in your smartphone is very often limited).

Downloading movies from Netflix

A necessary condition for downloading is an active Netflix account. Devices that support downloading include: iPhone (iOS 9.0 or later), Android phones (Android 4.4.2 or later), tablets and computers with Windows 10 (version 1607 or later). You must have the Netflix app installed on your device – content cannot be downloaded from the browser. Now just select the title you want to download. Next to most of them you will see a download icon (arrow pointing down). By clicking on it you can save the content in your device’s memory (available memory can be checked in the application settings). From now on you can enjoy it offline. From the same level we can also delete downloaded and viewed materials.

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