HWMonitor – check your computer temperature

Our computers suffer as much as we do during heatwaves. Overheating hardware is a real problem, especially for notebook users. High temperatures significantly reduce the lifespan of hardware – so it is worth monitoring the temperature of components, especially during heavy load. The free HWMonitor – a small program that monitors the work of your computer – performs this task very well.

Why is it worth installing temperature monitoring software? It allows to deal with the potential computer overheating.

How does HWMonitor function?

HWMonitor can be downloaded in two versions. The first one is a classic installation file that allows us to unpack the program in the indicated location of our hard drive. The second option is the portable version, which does not require installation. After running HWMonitor we will see a window in which we can find the current, maximum and minimum recorded temperature of all its components. The collected data can also be exported in the form of a report on the temperature of our hardware. The program can be downloaded directly from the manufacturer’s website. There is also an option to extend the application’s functionality to the Pro version – then we gain access to extended monitoring and the possibility to track the readings remotely. 

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