Librus application designed for parents and students

Advances in technology and the capabilities of our devices are constantly growing. No wonder that innovations and novelties are also present in schools. A great example here are online gradebook and applications that allow parents and students to quickly view their grades or notes. The most popular is the Librus platform, which can also be used via a mobile application. What functions and possibilities are provided to the users? What are the advantages? Below you will find answers to all these questions and more. 

The application is free to use, but users can purchase special add-ons or functionalities, which increase the convenience of using Librus or are just cosmetic changes.

Librus – features and possibilities

Librus allows you to monitor school activities – grades, attendance, absences and notes. The application also allows for constant contact with the school (Messaging function) and checking homework assignments. You can also view the school schedule (including replacements and changes) and the current school calendar (announcements, events and planned activities). This application provides a quick and convenient way to switch between multiple accounts (e.g. children) or offline work. The user can also customize notifications, just like the application’s visual layout. An interesting solution is also a feature called Librus peaceful night, which mutes notifications while you sleep. Have you already used the Librus mobile application? Share you opinion and observations with us.

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