Virtual collaboration and office with Microsoft Teams

The outbreak of COVID-19 virus has caused us to spend more time at home. This trend has affected our work duties, which we increasingly perform without moving from our homes. In most cases, this would not be possible without the Internet, which almost all of us use on a daily basis. No wonder that programs and applications that facilitate remote work and allow you to use useful features are so popular. One of the most popular programs of this kind is Microsoft Teams. How does it function? What features it offers? Below you will find answers to all these questions and more. 

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based web service that includes a set of tools and services, which enable team collaboration. It is linked to other Microsoft services and products (including Skype or Office 365).

Microsoft Teams – features and possibilities

Microsoft Teams provides the possibility of free chatting and videoconferencing over the Internet. Everything is carried out in real time and allows you to conveniently switch between groups or communication forms. The program has a screen sharing function. It is also possible to use the “together mode,” which allows you to share the virtual background with others. Microsoft Teams is also a platform that allows free exchange of files or integration of applications and workflows. Additional features include blur background options and a strong emphasis on user data security. This app is available in 53 languages – including Polish. Have you already had a chance to use it? Feel free to share your opinions and comments.

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