Microsoft Viva is a new platform for remote work

This year has certainly not been one of the most successful in human history. The outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic has locked us in our homes and significantly limited the freedom of movement or use of services. The percentage of people who fulfill their professional duties remotely has also increased significantly. It turned out that in a large percentage of cases, remote work does not affect employee efficiency. No wonder that programs, applications and services that support the process of remote work are very popular. Thanks to them we can freely communicate with team members, exchange files or assign responsibilities. Recently Microsoft Viva was presented, which is a new proposal of the American giant.

Most features and possibilities of the new Microsoft platform are currently in the preview phase or very limited. However, later this year more extensive and functional versions of Microsoft Viva are expected to appear.

Microsoft Viva – features and possibilities

Microsoft Viva is similar to the solutions that companies have been using for some time – Facebook Workplace is one of them. What does it provide? Above all, free communication in selected groups (via synchronized Microsoft Teams). Users who previously had the opportunity to use Microsoft 365 will be able to use it without any problem. In addition, employees will have at their disposal Viva Insights, which will take care of their well-being and leisure time management during work. 

Can the Microsoft platform become a spectacular success? Many indications show that the integration with other services and tools of the American giant can bring the expected result.

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