Safari – web browser for Apple devices

Internet development has somehow forced the emergence of many competing programs and applications for its use. Nowadays, users have a huge choice and a lot of freedom to select the one that meets the greatest part of their expectations. However, some of them are dedicated to specific devices and brands. Such is the case with Safari – a free web browser that can be used by users of Apple devices. What is Safari characterized by? What are its features and possibilities? What the users have been provided with? Here you can find answers to these and other questions.

Safari browser was released in 2003. In 2007-2012 it was also available for devices using Windows (up to version 5.1.7). Currently, the browser is built into the memory of Apple devices – it can also be downloaded from the Internet.


Safari features and possibilities

The main function of this browser is, of course, the possibility of freely browsing the web. The program allows for considerable personalization – e.g. you can choose the most important elements of the start page. In the browser we can also install numerous extensions that will increase the comfort of using the web. The program also offers translation of websites or the possibility to obtain a report on our safety on the Internet. The browser’s functions also include auto-filling passwords and the ability to create bookmarks. We can also save the sites we want to read on a special list – the Reading List. The App is constantly being developed and updated quite often. Have you used it yet? Or maybe you have your own favorite web browser?


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