Shazam – music recognition app

Music is almost omnipresent in our world today – especially thanks to the Internet, which allows us to listen to almost any song from all over the world in just a few seconds. However, such a huge database can be difficult – how many times have we heard a radio hit and not been able to recall its title. It turns out that it is not a problem anymore. There is no need to repeat a song and hope that one of your friends will be able to recognize it. With the help of apps we can easily find the right song. One of the best and most popular applications for music recognition is Shazam. What does this popular application offer? 

At this point it is worth noting that Shazam is free and available for both iPhone owners and Android lovers. We can find it in the App Store and Google Play. 


Shazam – features and possibilities

The main function of this App is, of course, song and music recognition – Shazam will point out in a few seconds the artist and title of the currently playing song. The application also allows you to play a given song and add it to a playlist – e.g. on Spotify or Apple Music. Additionally, Shazam will also display the lyrics of the song, which will be synchronized with the song being played. The application will also quickly switch us to the music video on YouTube. Shazam also functions offline and can automatically recognize songs even when the App is turned off. Moreover, it has a dark mode, which is an increasingly popular feature. Users can also take advantage of recommended songs and rankings. What about you, do you use Shazam? If so, share your opinion with us.


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