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The original definition of the word skyland means a settlement unit in the United States, the state of Nevada, Douglas County. However, the most popular users of this word today are not settlers from North America but Minecraft players.

Skyland is an official application that allows you to play this game in multiplayer mode, as well as run any of the dozens of game versions. Production of Mojang studio is one of the most popular open world games. The player has the possibility to explore, build and create items in a world made of cubes. The main advantage of this game is its constant development with new features, objects and other possibilities which allow to enjoy the gameplay for long hours, and thanks to Java language the user can run the application on many popular operating systems.

Minecraft – isn’t it the best game ever?

Over the years, many solutions have been created that allow you to enjoy the game with friends and other players from around the world. Hamachi, Steam, and other TCP/IP programs have given Minecraft a lot of fans, and the possibility of cooperation or competition with other players is a great extension thanks to which millions of players remain fans of this simple, but incredibly playable game to this day.

SkyLand Launcher is a special tool by, thanks to which you can launch Minecraft game on a Polish server. Among the available servers you can find: SkyBlock, Classic, PvP Pistolety, SkyWars, Creative, SkyFire, JumpPVP, WaterBlock, Prison, Chowany, Pojedynek 1vs1, Build, MiniGry and SkyGrid. Unfortunately, Skyland Launcher supports Minecraft version 1.8 only, which means that if you decide to play with this program you will not get access to the content provided by Mojang studio in newer releases of the production. Skyland Launcher is a free application available on almost every platform. There is also a special forum for users, where you can share impressions, observations about the game, read many interesting facts or solve technical problems. If you are a fan of Minecraft, you should definitely try the version that Skyland provides.

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