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The year 2020 has revolutionized remote work. Due to the coronavirus epidemic many companies have decided to use this model of cooperation between co-workers. It would not be possible without the Internet. The network has become the main medium of data and cooperation in many areas of life. No wonder that programs that allow quick contact and exchange of information are so popular. One of them is Slack, i.e. a free instant messenger created with enterprises in mind. Is it worth to use it? 

Slack is a kind of free online service, which is based on the cloud and allows for communication and teamwork. This program was created based on the Electron software platform.

Slack – features and possibilities 

Slack was developed largely for businesses and significantly facilitates communication between team members. At this point it is worth mentioning the channels, which are generally available and separate for people who, for example, deal with the same project or issue. Slack allows both text and voice communication. Its users can also freely exchange files and invite other users to groups and channels. Slack is great for the office and the so-called home office. Have you already had the opportunity to use it? Or maybe you are just looking for an intuitive communication platform? Share your opinions and insights with us.

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