Tor Browser – an anonymous web browser

Today almost everyone uses the Internet. Our computers, phones, tablets, TVs and other electronic devices are easily connected to the global network. The enormous possibilities offered by the Internet also bring dangers and threats, including those that directly affect our anonymity and privacy online. One possible solution is the Tor network, which prevents analysis of network traffic, resulting in the user browsing the Internet almost anonymously. To operate the Tor network, a special browser is needed – Tor Browser, which is completely free and can be easily found on the web.

Tor Browser is available both for devices equipped with Windows operating system, as well as other operating systems (e.g. Mac OS X). What features and possibilities does it offer?

Tor Browser – features and possibilities

Tor Browser provides a lot of privacy and anonymity. It isolates every website you visit and prevents its users from being tracked. The program also cleans up popular cookies and removes the history of visited websites. Traffic in the Tor network is triple encrypted, thanks to thousands of servers that are run by volunteers all over the world. Such multi-level security makes us feel safe. We are not limited by content filters, censorship or communication restrictions. Installation and operation of the browser is quite simple. Relevant tutorials can also be found on the Internet. Have you used the Tor network? Share your thoughts and opinions about it?

Are you looking for a more standard web browser? Check out Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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