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The Internet dominated many areas of our everyday life. It became a source of information about the world, entertainment and contact with friends. No wonder that instant messengers are so popular, the vast majority of which we can use for free. The most popular is obviously Messenger, which we associate mainly with Facebook. Extremely popular are also Skype or WhatsApp. Very similar to the latter two is Viber. It is a little less popular, but certainly equally useful instant messenger. 

Viber is based on VoIP protocol, so using this application is very similar to using a regular phone. Communication is not based on the user’s name – the basis is the phone number.

Viber – features and possibilities

With Viber we can communicate according to the schemes: PC-to-PC, PC-to-phone, phone-to-phone – because the application is available for Windows, iOS, Mac OS, BlackBerry OS, Bada and Windows Phone. Viber made its debut in 2010 and since then it has become an increasingly valuable alternative to more mainstream messengers. Using the program we can exchange text, voice and image messages. We can also talk and use the video chat option. In addition, it can synchronize content between the mobile and desktop versions.

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