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Nowadays, almost every one of us uses the Internet. No wonder that there are many free browsers on the market that help us to use the web comfortably. The most popular are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Slightly less popular are Microsoft Edge (former Internet Explorer). However, these are not all programs that can be used to access the Internet. The Vivaldi browser, which debuted in 2016, is also worth mentioning. Today we can use the program on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android operating systems, so it can be installed by owners of PCs as well as smartphones and mobile devices.

The Vivaldi browser is a free program, based on a freeware license, which is designed and developed by the former CEO of Opera Software. What does it offer?

Vivaldi – options and features

Users of Vivaldi are attracted by a minimalistic interface and a lot of customization options. Users can choose themes, fonts or background color of viewed sites. The browser allows grouping tabs, adding annotations on web pages and placing notes to bookmarks. The program also supports mouse and keyboard gestures. Users can use the “speed dial” option to quickly find a bookmark. In conclusion, Vivaldi may turn out to be an extremely successful alternative to much more popular competition. Hence, it is certainly worth giving a little less known browser a chance. Or maybe you have already used it and want to share your opinions with us? Feel free to do so in the comments below.

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